Metal Tips From the Old World Craftsmen at Beach Sheet Metal Company

Tips for A Quality Metal Roof Installation

  • Install roof decking 5/8" or thicker.
  • Apply a high quality underlayment. We use High-Temp Ice and Water Shield by W.R. Grace, exclusively.
  • Install 24 gauge metal.
  • Always install thru-wall flashings where vertical walls are above lower roofs.
  • Install thru-wall flashings and caps on all chimneys.
  • Never allow plumbing or mechanical roof vent stacks to fall in standing seam.
  • Clad vent stacks with the same material as the roof.
  • Install roof panels with concealed fasteners and space them according to manufacturer's specifications (generally 24").
  • Insure all roof material is obtained from same master coils to avoid color or shade variation.
  • Complete painting or staining of upper walls and eaves and install gutter and downspouts before installing lower roofs.
  • Determine gutter type before installing roof panels, as some brackets position the gutter up to 3/4" from fascia. With open rafter tails or where a crown moulding is present, brackets should be installed prior to the roofing.
  • Fabricate and install drip edge so that gutter will be behind it.
  • Do not install mechanical drain lines so that they drip onto the roof panels (ugly staining will occur).
  • Avoid foot traffic on roof panels.
  • Research the experience of your roofing contractor and inspect some of their completed projects.

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